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TITLE: Seabreeze
DESCRIPTION: Signed and numbered prints are available in various sizes up to a maximum
of 23 x 32 inches
"Seabreeze" was inspired by a stay at a hotel at a Romanian Black Sea resort where I saw the wind playing with the curtain. But when I got home later I decided to place the scene at the ocean to give the painting a more expansive feeling. There is no confinement, just the freedom of wind and water. A perfect Feng Shui painting - 'Feng Shui' literally translated means 'Wind and Water'.
" Seabreeze" can enhance the Feng Shui of many areas in the home and is most favorable for the "Wealth and Abundance," "Wisdom," Career and Life Path," "Family," "Friends, Helpful People and Travel" areas. Three different paintings of this theme exist; the original and the copy rights for the first one of this series, which includes a couple walking along the beach, was acquired by a South African greeting card company which printed the image on their Valentine's cards. Another version was bought by one of Ulla's Portuguese collectors and the original of this print is still in the artist's possession and resides in her bedroom.
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