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TITLE: Nature's Dream
DESCRIPTION:Signed and numbered prints are available in various sizes up to a maximum of 23 x 27 inches
"Nature's Dream" is purely imagination, dreaming of a beautiful place to be in Nature. It was inspired by a French poem by my friend Guillaume Le Brun "Le Jardin Secret" (The Secret Garden), in which he talks about the secret garden that exists in everyone's heart in which are buried the seeds of Love that have been planted at one time or another. Even in the darkest heart somewhere, this secret garden exists. Without that secret garden in our hearts there is no hope, no life.
" Nature's Dream" is a good Feng Shui painting to place in "Abundance and Wealth," "Fame, Reputation and Illumination," and "Family" areas of your home or just anywhere you want to relax and dream
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Nature's Dream