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TITLE:Day and Night
DESCRIPTION: Signed and numbered prints are available in various sizes up to a maximum
of 23 x 29 inches
"Night and Day" like "Pathway to the Light" is a painting about the soul's journey from darkness to the light. The hole in the cave symbolizes the ripping open of the darkness so that the light can enter. The water is symbolic of the emotion accompanying such major effort. None of my paintings are planned to have any of these described effects, but are born from a deep inner longing for beauty and light. After having finished a painting, I realize - often years later - what I was trying to express. This painting is a prime example of what has been coined "Le REFLEXIONISME de MADAME ULLA" by International Art Critics. "REFLEXIONISME" is a new art form, that I gave birth to whilst living in the Congo. President of the International Art Critics, Professeur Kitenge-Ya, gave the name to this new style or painting. "Night and Day" was first inspired by a cave I saw in Morocco. I have painted several large paintings of this subject. One of them belongs to a collector in Italy, another one is in Greece and the third is in the USA.
A good painting for your "Wealth and Abundance," "Career and Life Path," "Wisdom," "Friends and Helpful People and Travel," and "Creativity" areas.
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