Basic Astrology readings by Ursela consist of a Birthchart Reading with Progressions and Transits. A Birthchart Reading explores the client’s personal profile such as personality traits, talents, career and relationship potentials, health, family background and children.

The Progressed Chart shows soul evolvement and how the birthchart potentials are manifesting. The Transit Chart gives information about planets transiting the natal chart, which have a direct and immediate influence on life's circumstances.

Talents, health, relationships, career possibililties and other issues that are dear to the client's heart are all being covered in the reading.

Each reading also includes the analysis for an Astrological Bach Flower Essence, tailor-made for the client’s planetary profile.

Astrological Flower Essences are very effective remedies when experiencing stressful and challenging times and assist in overall health and well-being.

A finely attuned and intuitive Astrologer Ursula synthesizes her solid and in-depth astrological knowledge with compassion and sensitive counseling abilities.

"...find the sacred in the commonplace, because nothing in this world - nothing - exists outside of "As above, so below." Alice O. Howell, Astrologer

Drakensberg by Ursela

Also available: Solar Return Readings, Compatibility and Relationship Readings (Synastry), Horary Astrology, Relocation Charts,
Astrology based Feng Shui Consultations



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