With her background in art, art history, mysticism and yoga as well as foreign languages and international business Ursula provides a wide spectrum of Feng Shui Services such as:

Blessings for Home and Business

Chinese and Western Astrology

Colors, Elements, Shapes, Numerology

Communicating with the Animal(s) of the House  

Checking the Animal's living area to make sure it has the right energy

Dowsing for Geopathic Stress Lines and Problem Solution

Electromagnetic Field Detection

Energy Balancing

Feng Shui Art

Feng Shui for Building Lots

Feng Shui for Castles

Feng Shui for Commercial Properties

Feng Shui for Gardens and Parks

Feng Shui for Homes and Commercial Buildings that are for Sale - furnished and unfurnished

Feng Shui for Offices

Feng Shui for Restaurants and Hotels

Feng Shui for Shopping Malls

Feng Shui for Villas and Mansions

Highest Quality Austrian Crystals (Swarovski) that have been infused with cosmic energy

Removal of negative energy and entities (Ghost Whispering)

Sacred Geometry

Stoppage of Energy Leaks


Ursula's in-depth expertise of Feng Shui allows her to apply various schools of Feng Shui as befits the situation. In addition she draws on her artistic and intuitive abilities when feng shuiing an area.

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Tel: 1-530-432-9365

Email: healingarts@healingartsinfo.com