Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonising the environment through placement.

Your environment can be working for you or against you. Learn how to arrange your surroundings to fully support your life and vision.

Feng Shui resolves problems that block the positive energy flow in your life and limit success.

Ursela helps her clients make subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes in their home and garden environment to invite prosperity, love,friends, health, peace and ease into their realm. As an artist and designer Ursela is very talented in recommending aesthetically pleasing and creative changes that are easy and relatively inexpensive for the client.

Together with Ursula you will discover your wealth areas, relationship areas, creativity areas and much more. You will learn how to activitate these auspicious places.

During her Feng Shui Consultation Ursela will also check for Electromagnetic Fields that may negatively influence your health, dowse for Geopathic Stress Lines, close the Energy Leaks in your home and bless the house. Upon request she will clear any negative energy from your home and work with entities (Ghost Whispering) that may inhabit your home and - only with your prior permission - send them to the light.

In addition Ursela creates personalized contemporary Feng Shui paintings which assist in alleviating stress by  permanently balancing areas of the homes of her clients and art collectors. 

Ursela’s Feng Shui paintings represent her unique style. They are esoteric and exquisite. Please see the Gallery and click on Image Info to find out more about the individual art pieces.


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