Ursela's Feng Shui crystal spheres are of the finest quality in the world; the internationally renowned Swarovski crystals. These fine Feng Shui crystals originate from Austria.

From a Feng Shui standpoint it is most important to have only first quality Feng Shui crystals in the home if one is to magnetize the wealth, health, love and harmony that is desired.

The size of the Feng Shui crystal needs to be appropriate for the space it is intended for in order to make an impact in magnetizing the desired effect.

Ursula's Feng Shui crystals provide a larger and clearer spectrum of rainbows than any other crystals on the market today.

Therefore the chi (vital energy or prana) is able to reach each corner of the feng-shuied area and activate it.

In addition and most important: the crystal spheres have been cleared from any negative energy they may have picked up from transport and handling and have been infused through an extensive process of sacred mantras and mudras with highest energy. Ursela was initiated into this sacred practice by Feng Shui Master Herman Yeh who choose her as his successor in 1998.



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