1981 Iconic Glass Paintings, Bucharest, Romania
1983 Ceramic tile paintings, Restelo, Portugal
1984 Ceramic tile paintings, Lisbon, Portugal
1985 Watercolors Sintra, Portugal
1986 Oil paintings Lisbon, Portugal
1986 Oils and Watercolors, Cascais, Portugal
1986 Oils and tile paintings, Lisbon, Portugal
1986 Oilpaintings Madrid, Spain
1986 Oil paintings Estoril, Portugal
1987 Oil paintings Lubumbashi, Zaire
1988 Oil paintings Lubumbashi, Zaire
1988 Oil paintings Bremen, Germany
88-89 Oil paintings Hamburg, Germany
87-89 Oil paintings Alexandria, VA, USA
1989 Oil paintings Hagen, Germany
1989 Oil paintings Durban, South Africa
1990 Oil paintings Paris, France
1991 Oil paintings Cape Town, South Africa
1992 Oil paintings Brussels, Belgium
91-92 Oil paintings Nevada City CA, USA
91-93 Oil paintings Florence, Italy
91-95 Oil paintings Tel Aviv, Israel
91-00   Oil paintings Forres, Scotland
92-94 Oil paintings Carmel CA, USA
1993 Oil paintings Davis CA, USA
95-05 Oil paintings Bremen, Germany
2011 Oil and Acrylic, Bervely Hills CA, USA
Oil and Acrylic, Grass Valley CA
Oil and Acrylic, Penn Valley CA

Savannah Sunrise by Ursela

Permanent Museum Exhibitions:

National Museum of Fine Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Museum of the Art Academy Lubumbashi, Congo

Museum Anjos Teixeira, Sintra, Portugal

"Ulla's paintings, a brilliant symphony of light and color"
Sandra Kwock-Silve, International Art Critic, American University, Paris/France.

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