A Short History of the Astrological Bach Flower Essences

Dr. Edward Bach, renowned physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and the founder of the Bach Nosodes, was born in Birmingham, England. Already as a child he had believed that he would someday find a cure for disease, and that the method would be non-invasive and cause the patient no pain or discomfort in the process.To this end he had become a medical doctor. But he was not satisfied with the results of his work.

Through his great sensitivity, he firmly believed that the cause of all diseases resides in the mind as a specific and strongly held perception that separates a person from total connection to Higher Self and Divine Love. Metaphysical studies led him to assign these perceptions to astrological signs.

He left his large, successful London practice and went off to the Welsh countryside to await his answer. It came in the form of a flower covered with dew. Extremely sensitive to vibrations, and understanding the principles of homeopathy Bach realized this dew would be infused with the vibratory rate of the flower it rested upon. What he already knew was that this flower - like everything else - was connected to planetary vibrations.

Thus the concept of the Astrological Flower Essences was born. Dr. Bach called these essences The Twelve Healers

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