The Twelve Healers

'The Twelve Healers' are a set of 12 Flower Essence remedies. They have a clear astrological correspondence and work specifically in conjunction with  the Birthchart, Transits and Progressions.

These Essences are very beneficial in healing body, mind and soul through balancing the emotional state. Each essence corresponds specifically to a sign of the Zodiac. 

Ursela uses the original Bach method of combining the essences according to the individual's birthchart.

As 'The Twelve Healers'work on a more subtle and deep level than the rest of the Bach remedies (there are 38 altogether). Ursela will on occasion add other Bach Flower essences to more immediately address a client's specific problem. 

Altogether Ursela has over 200 Flower Essences available at her home in order to help her clients overcome negative astrological influences, trauma and negative conditioning.

This method is non-invasive, gentle and of great benefit to the recipient.

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