Ursela Rabe, was born and raised in Bremen, Germany. Growing up she was surrounded by fine art and extraordinary artistic and linguistic talent is in her genes. Her father, a prominent hotelier, was an enthusiastic art collector, and her mother comes from an artistic family.

Nevertheless, Dad insisted she study ‘something practical’. Therefore, she has a background in international business and languages as well as in art, art history and metaphysics.

Ursela has studied art at various art academies and universities in Europe, the United States and Africa. Her multi-cultural experiences are uniquely synthesized in her artwork.

Forever fascinated by different customs and ways of expression her extensive studies have included such varied subjects as Zairean/Congolese Art, Romanian Iconic Glass Painting, Traditional Portuguese Tile Painting, European Art History, Graphic Design and Interior Design through Feng Shui. Her interest also expands to teaching Dance and Yoga.

Ursela’s biography was authored by noted historian R.P. Kuschka and published in Germany as part of the book ‘Bremen war eine Reise wert’ (Bremen was worth the journey).

In 1989 Ursela was appointed Honorary Professor to the Academy of Fine Arts, Lubumbashi, Zaire, for her outstanding contribution to art and culture by bringing together the African, European and American communities through the appreciation of art and art history.

Ursela has had major art exhibitions in 14 different countries. She has been credited by international art critics to be the originator of a new artform, the “Reflexionisme”. Her work can be found in public and private collections in many parts of the world.

Presently Ursela's paintings can be viewed at the Krebs Gallery in Bremen, Germany, and at her Studio Gallery in the Feng Shui Garden, Penn Valley CA, USA.

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