Ursela’s paintings have a rare and luminous quality. They emanate the vibration of her peaceful and loving inner nature. Her unwavering belief in peace and her deep appreciation of nature are expressed through her art. The healing qualities of her paintings are evident and many a collector of her work have expressed that physical and emotional healing and spiritual growth processes spiritual healing have been inspired through Ursela’s artwork.

In addition Ursela creates personalized contemporary Feng Shui Paintings which assist in alleviating stress by balancing the homes of her clients and art collectors.

Ursela’s Feng Shui paintings represent her unique style. They are esoteric and exquisite and carry the Chinese sign corresponding to the area they are intended for.

Ursela's paintings are signed with Ulla, Ursela's artist name.

For more information call Ursela Rabe

Tel: 1-530-432-9365

Email: healingarts@healingartsinfo.com


Day and Night by Ursela

Ursela is presently showing her work at the Krebs Gallery in Bremen, Germany,

and at her Garden Studio Gallery

in Penn Valley Ca, USA

1 (530) 432-9365


e-mail: healingarts@healingartsinfo.com

by appointment only