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Ursela Ulla Rabe: Feng Shui Master, Astrologer and Artist

Feng Shui for Home, Garden and Business:

Long time Feng Shui Master Ursela bases all of her consultations on the Astrology of her clients. She is sensitive to their needs and personal tastes. Ursela artfully works with placement, color and design. In addition she balances energies, dowses for and resolves geopathic stress, detects harmful EMFs, closes energy leaks and successfully removes negative entities from home or business… Learn more

The World Health Organization states that: "30% of all buildings are sick buildings." Often this is caused by geopathic stress. Ursela dowses for geopathic stress. If geopathic stress is detected she provides an ancient Egyptian geomancy remedy that is inexpensive and very effective... Contact Ursela for more

EMF Detection:
In many homes and office buildings harmful Electro-Magnetic emissions cause health problems and nervous disorders. Ursela checks with her gauss-meter as part of any of her consultations and can guide you to healthier living… Contact Ursela for more

Ghost Whispering: 
Ursela detects and removes negative entities and energy from buildings, land, furniture and/or people and animals…  Contact Ursela for more

Ursela blesses the homes of her clients with a powerful sacred ceremony following her Feng Shui consultations… Contact Ursela for more

Astrology Readings: 
Ursela has practiced Astrology since 1985. Astrology readings by Ursela consist of Birthchart readings with Progressions and Transits (personality profile and past, present and future trends) Solar Return readings available upon request. Ursela also excels in Relationship Readings and has helped many couples work out their differences and have a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. Her readings explore the clients’ personal profiles such as personality traits, talents, career and relationship potentials, health, family background and children….
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Astrological Flower Essences: 
Ursela is a long time Flower Essence Practitioner and uses the original Bach method of combining the flower essences according to the individual's birthchart. This method is non-invasive, gentle and of great benefit to the recipient bringing her/him in tune with the vibratory energies of the birthchart, progressions and transits and therefore being able to make the most positive use of their planetary gifts… Learn more

Animal Communication: 
Ursela has communicated with animals all of her life and is the most highly awarded Animal Communicator in the world. For emotionally and physically stressed animals she provides healing sessions and Flower Essences...
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Health and Beauty: 
Ursela rarely endorses products but she recommends the following high quality, cutting edge products for health, beauty and natural living:

Biomat Amethyst:
The Biomat provides unique therapy with a healing combination of amethyst crystals, negative Ions and Far Infrared Light which is more effective, easier, more comfortable and less expensive to use than Far Infrared Saunas. Highly acclaimed by Harvard University, Medical Centers and FDA approved... Learn more

Water Ionizer:
The Most Advanced Water Purification and Ionizer System in the World.... Learn more

Rejuvena Facial Care:
Experience the effectiveness of the Ultrasonic, and Negative and Positive Ions... Learn more

The Artist: 
Ursela's (Artist name: Ulla) paintings are prominently featured in art history books such as “Early and Contemporary Spirit Artists… from 5,000 BC to the Present Day…”, “300 Masterpieces of Art Brut, Outsider Art, Psychic Art, Spirit Art…” and in many other publications...
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Spiritually inspired Jewelry: 
Ursela's line of fine Swarovski crystal jewelry by her company Ullalà Designs is based by color and numerology on Chakra balancing principles and Feng Shui principles. All of Ursela’s creations are being blessed for nine days with sacred and secret mantras and mudras. Upon request she also creates your personal Astrological jewelry to improve your relation with the celestial realm. See her collection when on exhibit in various cities.
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Understand the power in your name. Acrophonology is the study of the movement of sound and is based in Astrology...
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Yoga and Meditation: 
Ursela has many years of experience as a certified yoga and meditation instructor. Her style leaves her students physically, emotionally and spiritually recharged… Learn more

Ursela has received top international awards in various esoteric fields... Learn more